Sense of Humour: The Luxury In Death!

Sense of Humour: The Luxury In Death!

A joke is right now doing rounds on WhatsApp and other social media where some Italian folks are seen talking about the deaths due to the coronavirus epidemic. Some are seen saying that though they will go to hell, they will all go in style. Here's the reason behind this joke.

With the whole of Italy caught by COVID-19 pandemic in a worse situation with almost 106,962 active 'positive' cases and 22,745 deaths, the country fell short of even masks, respiratory equipment and sanitisers as well. Before they imported these things from China again, Italy's premium vehicle makers and other fashion giants jumped into the situation.

While Armani has stitched aprons for doctors, another fashion giant Gucci produced face masks. At the same time, automobile giant Ferrari manufactured respirators, while Bulgari made sanitisers. Talking about the same, Italians are joking that even if they end up in the hospital and die, they will go to hell by the side of these luxurious items.

That is an appreciable sense of humour for sure.

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