Breaking the lockdown: Nara Lokesh & Son Caught on Hyd Roads

Breaking the lockdown: Nara Lokesh & Son Caught on Hyd Roads

Well, common man is strongly advised to not come onto roads except for buying essentials and commodities. And in most areas, only one person per house is being allowed to come out. While most families are going out of their houses only once per week, that too either one or two persons, here comes our political elite who are breaking the 'lockdown' lock quite irresponsibly.

A video has now come out where TDP scion Nara Lokesh could be seen cycling on the roads of Jubilee Hills nearby his house. And then, his son Nara Devansh could be seen trying a hand at skate-scooter used by kids.

And both of them are being followed by two security guards who are in uniform and wearing masks. When a common man is not having the luxury of walking freely, we wonder how come Nara Lokesh came out of his house for workouts.

As this video of Lokesh and Devansh is getting circulated on social media now, political observers feel that the TDP scion has given a chance for opportunity grabbing YSRC supporters to troll him big time. The ruling party in AP could be making a hell out of it, as Lokesh has trolled some Ministers and MLAs in the recent time for not wearing masks and failing to maintain social distancing.

We have to see if Lokesh will give clarity about the video anytime soon. But as the visuals are pretty clear that they are shot during lockdown times, he might get trolled more if he says that it is a old video.

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