KTR And Kavitha's Funny Twitter Banter Winning Hearts

KTR And Kavitha's Funny Twitter Banter Winning Hearts

Well, it is a known fact that Telangana's dynamic Minister KT Rama Rao always prefers humour and makes sure that each and every tweet he puts will bring smiles all over.

Even during the tough Covid-19 times, he is making sure to entertain netizens with his humorous one-liners, while he is busy with various welfare activities on the other side.

Other day, a netizen asked KTR, when would the hair cutting salons and barbershops will be allowed to operate in Telangana? "Any thoughts on opening barbershops or salons post 20 Apr? My wife is eager to try her hand on haircut and if that happens I have a strong feeling I'll need to stay home even after the lockdown is lifted!", the user posted.

In an epic response, KTR tweeted, "Hey, when Virat Kohli could let his wife style his hair, why don't you", inviting huge admiration from his followers. They are saying that this is a terrifci laugh therapy from the Telangana leader.

But the epic discussion is not over, as KTR's sister, Kalvakuntla Kavitha stepped in. "Annayya .. Bhabi ki kuda chance isthunnava ?!", she tweeted, breaking twitter into huge laughs again.

They say that both the brother and sister are very experts with these 'auto punches' that are not only hilarious, but also sensible.

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