When KTR Asked, 'Cinemallo Ram Charan Telusa?'

When KTR Asked, 'Cinemallo Ram Charan Telusa?'

Keeping up his good work, not just on Twitter but also on the ground level, Telangana's dynamic Minister KTR is touring various areas in Hyderabad to check up the lockdown efforts being put by everyone. And during such tours, he is encouraging people to stay active and giving them nice tips too. Also, his funny banter with citizens became the talk of the town.

Other day after visiting a house, KTR spoke to a woman to inquire if they are getting all the essentials supplied by government and explained them how they have to take care of themselves during these tough times. At that time, a young boy is filming KTR and the Minister asked the lady, "Is he your son?". After she said yes, he asked the boy "What's your name?" to which he said, "Ram Charan".

Then KTR asked him, 'Do you know 'that' Ram Charan?, the Movies Ram Charan?'. 'Neeku Cinemallo Ram Charan Telusa?' is what he asked the boy, breaking everyone into laughs. As everyone knows the kind of friendship KTR and Charan enjoys in real life, officers around KTR also had quite a heartful laugh, which came as relief from the hectic work they have undertook.

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