Coronavirus: Telangana Relieved With Lesser Cases Today

Coronavirus: Telangana Relieved With Lesser Cases Today

Telangana state is a bit relieved with numbers of Coronavirus infections today. There are just 6 new cases recorded in Telangana making the total to 650.

The strict lockdown, containment clusters, and social distancing measures seem to be working in the state and the lockdown extension proved right amid a growing number of cases. The number of cases cured and discharged from government and the private hospitals is 8, which is making the total recovered patients of COVID-19 to 118 in Telangana.

In total 650 coronavirus confirmed cases, the active cases are 514 and 18 died due to the virus. GHMC recorded the highest number of cases so far with 267 and 70 were discharged from the hospital after recovery.

On the other side, the number of cases in Andhra Pradesh appears to be growing. There are 23 new confirmed cases in AP making the total number of cases to 525 and 491 of them are active cases and 14 deaths.

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