Corona In India: 644 In Telangana, 52 Just From Today!

Corona In India: 644 In Telangana, 52 Just From Today!

The number of Coronavirus in Telangana is not leveling, leave alone slowing down. The total number of coronavirus cases in Telangana by today is 644 and 52 among them are just from today.

The city of Hyderabad has turned the main hot spot in Telangana and with more than 200 cases from the city from the total 644, the government has forced a containment lockdown at 126 areas and more measures are being implemented to control the spread.

The old city area is on high alert with more cases recorded from the area and many of the cases are clueless about the source and travel history. There is said to be a worry among the officials about Hyderabad going into stage-3 with more coronavirus cases every day.

Amid the rising number of cases, the attacks on health experts and doctors have not stopped. A patient's relatives attacked PG doctors in the Coronavirus isolation ward in Osmania hospital, today. A parent of a coronavirus-suspect whose test results are awaiting, attacked the doctor to send his son home as there are more positive cases coming in the ward. Later he apologized to the doctor but the attacks are not stopping, even when the police assured the security to doctors.

India has 10,981 total coronavirus cases in which 9,318 are active cases and 1295 of them recovered and 368 died.

Maharashtra has recorded a new 121 cases today making the total active cases to 2455 and 160 deaths. No new deaths were recorded today in Maharashtra so far. Tamil Nadu has recorded a new 31 cases making the total number of cases to 1204 and total deaths of 12. 24 people were discharged from hospital today.

In Andhra Pradesh, there are 34 new cases with a total number of cases at 473 and with 2 new deaths, 9 people died due to coronavirus so far.

Uttar Pradesh has seen a drastic rise in coronavirus cases today with 102 new cases leaving the total active cases at 660. Gujarat has new 78 cases with a total of 650.

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