Why N 95 masks for Anesthesia doctor? Journo Sai Gets Trolled

Why N 95 masks for Anesthesia doctor? Journo Sai Gets Trolled

Social media is so rampant and active that anyone who gets it wrong would be trolled badly. Especially if it's a media personality who gets the popular choice wrong, he or she would be at the receiving end. The latest to face the public ire is TV anchor Sai who is popularly known as Journalist Sai. He was popular with his YouTube monologues where he did a lot of Bhajana to Pawan Kalyan initially. Later he changed his loyalty to Jagan and YCP, as per the popular perception online.

However, in a fresh TV debate hosted by him, Sai has crossed all his limits in defending Jagan and his government. Now, this has led to heavy trolling of him online.  Going into the details, Sai had a TV debate with doctor N Sudhakar, an anesthesiologist, who was suspended by Andhra Pradesh state government for demanding N95 protective masks and PPE for doctors and medical staff. Sai said the Corona protective masks would only be provided to the doctors and staff who are working in Corona special ward and treating Corona positive patients but not all other doctors. He went onto question the role and responsibilities of an anesthesiologist.

This naturally has not gone down well with many who were watching the show. Many took to social media platforms to shame Sai. A few even uploaded their videos against Sai on YouTube slamming his behaviour. Especially, doctors have raised serious objections to Sai's comments. They asked Sai to know the facts before talking and asked him not to criticize doctors who are working so hard during Covid-19 crisis. A doctor in his video said anesthesiologists are more prone to Corona Virus and said Dr Sudhakar was right in demanding N95 masks and it's wrong on part of government to suspend a doctor.

The suspended doctor N Sudhakar too said any of his patient could be a potential Corona Virus carrier and this could expose him and other staff to the novel virus. He further alleged that several politicians, MLAs and other officials have been provided with N95 masks but not provided to doctors like him. On the whole, Sai got it back from his viewers and subscribers. Many asked him not to take political sides. Well, one has to wait and see whether our journos change a bit or not.

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