Fees Fight: Babu Blames Officials, But not Jagan!

Fees Fight: Babu Blames Officials, But not Jagan!

Mohan Babu has gone on agitation during Chandrababu's regime confronting the government's lag in payments regarding fees reimbursement to the students of his Engineering college, and he blamed and criticized the then CM Chandrababu Naidu like never before.

Well, the issue is still unresolved and when asked about the same, Mohan Babu puts the blame on the advisors of present CM YS Jagan, but would not choose to say a word about 'CM Jagan Garu'.

In a recent interview, Mohan Babu spoke about many issues, that include coronavirus, charity, and politics. When the reporter brought the topic of fees reimbursement asking him if the issue is all resolved, Mohan babu went hesitant to speak but finally agreed that the issue remained the same, in an unresolved state. But this time, he chose to blame the advisors and associates behind the CM.

Mohan Babu says there are opportunist associates and advisors surrounding even the good leaders like NTR and they lead them to the directions favorable to them. It looks like Mohan babu did not want to put any blame on CM Jagan. When asked about how Jagan is ruling the state, Mohan said it is fine for him, but may not be the same for all. Mohan Babu addresses the CM as 'CM Jagan Garu', calling it the respect for his chair and position.

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