Talk Of The Town: 'Reddy' EC after Dismissing 'Kamma'?

Talk Of The Town: 'Reddy' EC after Dismissing 'Kamma'?

YSRC Govt removed Nimmagadda Ramesh from his post of Andhra Pradesh Election Commissioner on Friday, according to the amended norms in ordinance sent to and signed by AP Governor.

The latest talk is the AP Government is now appointing Rama Sundar Reddy as Election Commissioner for the state AP. This has become a major turmoil with CM Jagan appointing a 'Reddy' as Election commissioner after he criticized Ramesh mentioning his 'caste' politics and orders from Chandrababu, for postponing the local body elections against the wish of state govt.

Jagan openly stated that 'Kamma' election commissioner Nimmagadda Ramesh appointed by Chandrababu is working for the previous CM. But Jagan's decision to appoint a person belonging to his 'caste' is now attracting the 'hypocrisy' comments.

Apart from appointing the 'Reddy' Election Commissioner, the question that comes up is what is the need and hurry to change the Election Commissioner right now, when the state is in the major crisis from an attack by the coronavirus. While the number of coronavirus cases in the state is going up every day, Jagan's decision to change the election commissioner appeared hasty and unwanted.

When the leaders from neighbouring states are not giving a word's place to politics and not willing to utter a word about political opponents during the coronavirus time, AP CM's priorities staying with elections is irking many in the state. There is time for everything and this is certainly not the time for politics, but the time to focus on making the state better with lesser number of COVID-19 patients and victims.

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