RGV Asks for 'CHEERS', KTR Says 'Hair Cut?'

RGV Asks for 'CHEERS', KTR Says 'Hair Cut?'

KTR is often praised for best administration, frankness and quick responses on issues, but there is one quality of him that is most liked by many. It is his classy sarcasm and wit. The dynamic leader brought it out yet again, that too as a reply to our own Ram Gopal Varma's tweet.

RGV in a tweet today, requested KTR, KCR and YS Jagan to have a large heart like Mamta Banerjee and give a 'CHEERS', for those who are bored, pulling their hair, crying like babies, joining mental hospitals and wives beaten by husbands in frustration. Needless to say that RGV is requesting the leaders of Telugu states to bring on the alcohol availability in a way that Mamta govt is doing the home delivery of liquor.

KTR knows the best words to put the reply with and it is obviously the sarcastic best. KTR said 'Ramu Garu, You are talking about hair cuts I presume ?', completely putting aside the cheers topic with an underlying 'NO'. Well, that's some brief yet good chat between the two.

After that, KTR took up an 'AskKTR session which is always interesting with questions and answers with the star politician, and it is enthralling yet again. Most of them being the appreciations for great administration, COVID19 fight campaigns, sketches of KTR, the leader responded to many of them with retweets and emoticons.

KTR, for a question about Hyderabad based COVID-19 vaccine, said several organizations on in the race to discover a vaccine, like Bharat Biotech, etc.

For a question on What would be the first thing KTR will do after #lockdownindia ends, KTR replied 'some digital detox maybe'.

Someone posted a super good looking KTR's photo from past asking why did not he try in films, for which KTR simply said 'Well, No one asked'.

There are many 'must read' answers from KTR, to list down here. Here are just some of them.

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