Now Mask is mandatory in Telangana

Now Mask is mandatory in Telangana

Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and New Delhi governments have made it mandatory for people to wear masks while stepping out. Joining them is Telangana state. Earlier, the Telangana government as an advisory asked only sick people to wear masks and now it has updated their earlier order.

The Telangana government in its Government Order (G.O.) cited a study of Japan that Corona virus spread has been reduced wearing masks. So the government asked all the citizens to duly follow this order while making it mandatory for people working in offices to wear masks and work.

However, the government did not mention anything about fines regarding not wearing masks. Maharashtra and other state governments are imposing fines on people for not wearing masks but there is no mention about in Telangana's G.O.

Nonetheless, the Telangana police who are on their toes may penalize people. So wear a mask and step out and be safe.


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