That's in AP! Ask for Mask, Gets Suspended!

That's in AP! Ask for Mask, Gets Suspended!

48 hours after suspending Narsipatnam government doctor from the services, the YSRCP government has now suspended Nagari Municipal Commissioner Venkatarami Reddy for his selfie video.

Going into details Venkatarami Reddy posted a video on social media that the municipal staff needs Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits. As the video went viral, the government has suspended Venkatarami Reddy from his services and replaced him with Sanitory Inspector Venkateswara Rao.

However in the video Venkatarami Reddy did not make an allegations against the government but expressed his helpless that the municipal staff are risking their lives and doing their jobs. He added that the municipal wing are providing assistance to people with the financial help provided by MLA Roja who is also the constituency legislator.

There is absolutely nothing in here to suspend Venkatarami Reddy despite the support from the ruling party leader.

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