Corona: 6000 cases in India, deaths at 199

Corona: 6000 cases in India, deaths at 199

The Corona cases in the country has crossed the 6K mark and currently the toll stands at 6412. Also in the last 24 hours, 33 people have died and touching the total to 199. 504 people have recovered and got discharged.

Coming to the Telugu states, Andhra Pradesh number stands at 365 and from last night 9'o clock to this morning 9, two cases have been reported. All the two are reported from Anantapur district and 10 have recovered from AP.

Telangana's toll is soaring and now the cases number stand at 471 while the active cases 414. Today nearly 60 people who reportedly got cured are likely to get discharged from hospital. One patient is said to be on ventilator support and also one person has died. From Telangana, total of 12 patients have lost their lives so far due to Corona.

Maharashtra has posted highest number of Corona cases in the country than any other state with 1364 while the next is Tamil Nadu with 834.

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