ETV News Getting Preference Than Other Spicy Channels?

ETV News Getting Preference Than Other Spicy Channels?

When it comes to TRPs race among the news channels, the likes of TV9, NTV, TV5, Sakshi and V6 are among the Top 5 contenders for the top spots, while TV9 remains to be in the No 1 spot from a long time. But during the times of Coronavirus, it looks like the preference of the audience has changed a bit.

According to updates from credible tracking companies, last week, the Top 5 news programs that are watched most by the Telugu states people belong to ETV News. Those five programs are said to have registered a TVR of 10, which is pretty high. Though ETV hasn't got pushed into the big slot, the 60% increase in News viewership on TV in India has helped this channel a lot. But there is another debate to hear.

Actually, ETV is the only channel that won't add any spice to the news and presents the news in simple old school Doordarshan style. Hearing the news of even 780 deaths in a single day in New York on ETV will be pretty cool, while the same story other channels will trigger a panic attack and we will be slipping into some sort of depression for sure for the impact they create with the presentation.

Some say that maybe people don't want to feel that tense shivers anymore and hence they are opting to watch ETV news.


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