Corona Cases Continue To Raise In AP & Telangana

Corona Cases Continue To Raise In AP & Telangana

The total number of Corona cases jumped by 453 on Wednesday & total confirmed cases are  5802, while 5118 out of them remain as active cases. On Wednesday, some 18 people passed away by Covid-19 across in the entire country.

Telugu states, AP and Telangana, saw a notable increase in number of Covid-19 cases on Wednesday. With 49 new cases in last 24 hours, Telangana reported a total of 453 positive cases in the state. While 45 out of them have recovered and discharged, 11 persons are deceased. 397 patients who are affected with novel Coronavirus are getting treated at Gandhi Hospital in Hyderabad. Etela Rajender, the state health minister, said that 80 hot spots have been identified in the state.

19 more people have tested positive in AP in last 12 hours, taking the total to 348. The peak in deaths was propelled by Guntur and Nellore, which remain the most stricken parts of the state with 49 and 48 cases respectively. One person was recovered in AP on Wednesday.

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