Centre is seriously considering lockdown extension!

Centre is seriously considering lockdown extension!

Along with Corona, there is a huge debate about lockdown. The Centre has imposed three weeks lockdown all over the country and this will end on April 14th. Nonetheless the lockdown hasn't resulted in bringing down the cases. So many state governments are urging the centre to extend the lockdown.

Yet so far no union minister spoke about the lockdown as it is all in PM Modi's hands. Minister of State for Home Affairs, Kishan Reddy has categorically commented on this issue and added the Centre is seriously considering on the aspects of extending the lockdown.

Kishan Reddy acknowledged that many states have requested to prolong the lockdown but ultimately the decision lies with PM Modi. "The decision of lockdown is taken only to protect people from Corona virus and I request people to stay indoors till the lockdown. In the last six years, the Centre did not waste a penny of public's money and we are ready to take oppositions suggestions and recommendations to deal with Corona virus," said Kishan Reddy.

Adding fuel to the fire, the Railways has cancelled all the train bookings till April 30th and said that it would fully refund people who have booked their tickets before April 30th.

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