#IndiaMasked: Indians Rocking With Innovative Mouth Wear

#IndiaMasked: Indians Rocking With Innovative Mouth Wear

Almost all the government officials and celebs are announcing from some time that wearing a mask will reduce the need to go into an ICU and slip into a ventilator in the times of this pandemic.

As COVID-19 virus spread and affliction could be prevented by wearing a proper mask that restricts either the aerosol droplets to go out or come in, the country is slowly adapting to masked looks. While most people in cities have managed to get surgical masks, some have purchased N95 masks too, while others are making use of their hand-kerchiefs as masks. But then, we have few innovators who are coming up with various ideas, as to for

If we look at the internet today, we could see an old man wearing a handbag as a mask, while another one is seen using a gunny bag as a mask. Some funny guys are seen using a child's nappy as a mask, another one a steep cup, and an old woman a leaf.

All these images are going viral at the moment as the hashtag #IndiaMasked is also getting trending along.


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