Sonia Suggests Modi To Ban Ads, NBA Not Happy

Sonia Suggests Modi To Ban Ads, NBA Not Happy

Sonia Gandhi's suggestion to impose a ban on government media ads by government and PSU for two years to use the funds on the pandemic fight has not gone well with NBA, the News Broadcaster Association. The president of the NBA, Rajat Sharma expressed his strong disapproval to the suggestion made by Sonia Gandhi, and he called it highly demoralizing when the media personnel is performing their duty, fearless to the pandemic.

The complete ban on ads in media is condemned by Rajat Sharma as he says there's already been a big recession impacting the revenues in electronic media and nation lockdown already slowed down many industries and other businesses.

Earlier, Congress President Sonia Gandhi suggested five-point advice to PM Narendra Modi, after the government announced a 30 percent pay cut for lawmakers. This letter of advice from Sonia Gandhi suggests channeling funds to relief funds, ban on Government ads on television and other ways to generate financial resources helping the government to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

The key advice Sonia suggested the Modi government to implement starts with a two-year ban on media advertisements including television, print and online by the government and public sector Undertakings, except those of COVID-19.

The Congress president suggests suspending the beautification of central vista and its construction, which is not worth spending money in this crisis time. The government planned on utilizing some 20,000 crore rupees on central vista beautification, which could be used to make PPEs to healthcare workers or even building a better hospital infrastructure at this juncture.

She also suggests to transfer the monies to Prime Ministers National Relief Fund instead of making them flow to PM CARES, for transparency, audit, efficiency, and accountability.

She asked the PM to put the foreign visits of all lawmakers, bureaucrats including PM and President to the amount could be used on the fight against the deadly virus. Almost 393 Crore rupees were spent just for the trips of Prime Minister and cabinet in the last five years.

Sonia Gandhi also suggested the Union government extend the pay cut of 30 percent in the expenditure budget as well, which leaves nearly 2.5 lakh crores a year which could be spent on the pandemic fight.