Comedian Behind Keerthi Suresh's Marriage Rumor?

Comedian Behind Keerthi Suresh's Marriage  Rumor?

Back then, there are pictures everywhere where comedian Satish got married to heroine Keerthy Suresh, at a time when the actress career is not at all happening. Later it has come out that someone has morphed the pictures and started spreading the fake news everywhere. But it looks like, this time, Satish is once again part of Keerthy's latest marriage rumours.

Some Tamil media folks are mentioning that actually Keerthy has been shooting with Satish just before the lockdown, during which, her businessman boyfriend is said to have arrived on the sets many times. With Satish leaking this news to a leading Tamil media folks, who are close friends of the comedian, the news started spreading everywhere that she is marrying that guy, who happens to be a businessman and son of a prominent BJP leader.

But before tying the knot, actually, Keerthy wants to do at least half a dozen movies and could easily earn nearly 7-10 crores from them as pay packet. Concerned about the same, the actress has immediately shared through some other media folks that she's not in a hurry to tie the knot. This is the classic case of all heroines, including Samantha, who has said the same until a month to her marriage.

But then, how come the same comedian got involved with this marriage rumour of Keerthy Suresh has become a hot topic now.

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