USA Will Retaliate If India Won't Send Drugs, Trump Warns

USA Will Retaliate If India Won't Send Drugs, Trump Warns

When the world is suffering from a deadly pandemic, it looks like US President Donald Trump is still in a mood that he could warn countries if they don't play by America's terms and conditions.

In the wake of Trump believing that anti-malaria drug Hydrochloroquine could treat COVID-19 cases, he actually sought India to export the drug in bulk to the USA. But with India banning the export of drug in order to take stock of the domestic situation, it looks like Trump got hurt.

"On Sunday I've requested Modi to export Hydrochlorouqine in bulk to help the USA. I would be surprised if he is unwilling to do that. But if he doesn't export it, it's fine, but there would be retaliation, why wouldn't?" said Donald Trump while briefing the media last night. It looks like Trump has gone extra mile once again after a reporter asked him if they would retaliate against India's decision.

In recent time, Trump has been busy issuing similar threats to China over trade deals but has completely ignored tackling the homegrown cases of Covid-19. Due to his incompetency, now the USA has seen almost 10,000+ deaths and 3.5+ lakh within a few weeks. Maybe this is the time he deals with allies softly and tries to take care of the situation on home turf rather issuing threats.

On the other hand, Indian government clarified that they will exporting the anti-Malaria drug to those countries that are badly affected by the pandemic and won't be politicising this decision.

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