Tweet On Telangana Lockdown, CM KCR Slams in Live

Tweet On Telangana Lockdown, CM KCR Slams in Live

In fact, in his Monday evening press meet, Telangana Chief Minister KCR has only stated that he is proposing the idea of extending the lockdown till June 3rd basing on Boston Consulting Report, and is said to have forward the same idea to Prime Minister. But then comes the instant magic of few media houses, that has even stunned KCR.

The moment KCR is talking about this, a national media house that is in a hurry to give instant updates to its followers at a lightning speed, has forgotten to understand what the Chief Minister said. They have gone on tweeting that KCR is actually imposing lockdown in Hyderabad till June 3rd. Checking his phone live in the press meet itself, the Telangana CM expressed his shocker over the way some media houses behave.

"What should we say about these reporters and media houses? I'm openly saying what is the situation and what we are going to propose, but they wrote that we have extended the lockdown. Do they have brains?" KCR asked, slamming the journalist for such false reporting. "Veellani emanali? Sannasa? Daridruda? Burra petti rayara?" he slammed.

Also, KCR slammed another popular newspaper, without taking its name, saying that they are writing there is lakh of medical protection gear (PPE) and other equipment when there is ample stock with the government. But then, actually, the report is about Andhra Pradesh government, maybe KCR has mistaken for it.


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