Covid-19: Kerala Emulates Korean Style Phone Booth Testing

Covid-19: Kerala Emulates Korean Style Phone Booth Testing

One of the first countries in the world to do rapid and more testing in relation to coronavirus cases is none other than South Korea. They have tested 2500+ patients per million and made sure that the positive cases get isolated and their immediate contacts get quarantined. To do that, other than inventing 2-minute result given test kits, South Korea also followed the phone booth way.

Rather taking every single symptomatic person to an isolated room and testing him, which causes not only time, but also the doctors have to wear PPEs (Personal Protective Equipments) including masks, gloves, and full body-protecting hazmat suit, Korea erected phone booths, where patients will come and the persons on the other side of the glass will collect swabs from the nose. It will be a walk-in kiosk, which will be disinfected immediately after a patient walks out.

Now, the Indian state of Kerala has introduced a similar kiosk model testing in Ernakulam starting from this Monday. These kiosks will have medical staff sitting inside them, and the person who has to give sample should sit outside on the chair, while the staff collects swab samples. After sample collection, the chair and medical gloves of staff will be disinfected from the outside. That way both medical staff will be safe and PPE usage will come down.

Hope other states also emulate this phone booth style testing, such that more samples will be collected in a day.

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