Coronavirus In India: 4285 Confirmed Cases, 111 Deaths

Coronavirus In India: 4285 Confirmed Cases, 111 Deaths

A big spike in the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in India is seen on Monday as positive cases in Maharashtra alone are recorded at 748 and 45 deaths. The total number of coronavirus confirmed cases in India so far is 4285 and 111 died due to it.

The active coronavirus cases are 3853, while more than 320 patients recovered and been discharged from the hospitals. After Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu had to see the most number of cases, 571 and Delhi with 523 positive cases. So far, Andhra Pradesh recorded 226 coronavirus cases while Telangana has 321 cases.

The total recorded coronavirus cases in Bihar 32 cases, Gujarat 144, Haryana 84, Jammu and Kashmir 109, Karnataka 151, Kerala 314, Madhya Pradesh 165, Odisha 21, Punjab 76, Rajasthan 274, Uttar Pradesh 305, West Bengal 80.

On Monday, the deaths recorded from Delhi were 7, Gujarat 12, Telangana 7, Punjab 6, Karnataka 4, West Bengal 3, Andhra Pradesh 3, Tamil Nadu 5, J&K 2, Uttar Pradesh 3, Kerala 2, Himachal Pradesh 1, Bihar 1.

As per statistics, more than 63 percent of deaths were of people over 60 years age and 30 percent between 40 to 60 years and 7 percent were of below 40 years of age. The Ministry of Home Affairs says they quarantined more than 25,000 Tablighi Jamaat attendees, workers and their contacts.

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