Netizens Fire On British Paper's Reporting Of India's Lockdown

Netizens Fire On British Paper's Reporting Of India's Lockdown

Somehow, most of the British media always carry a grudge for India as this is the first country that has demanded not only Independence from them, but also taught them how a country exploited them could bounce back. Recently when they wrote about the lockdown of India, one of the noted newspapers "The Guardian" mentioned it as a brutal one.

On Saturday, the newspaper which has UK, USA, Australia and Asia editions has written in the UK edition that London will be shut down for a few more weeks and authorities requested people to stay home. Even they stated positively the same about Australian PM and wrote in the USA edition that business people themselves are asking Trump to lockdown cities. But what about Indian edition?

The journalists and sub-editors of this edition showcased their talents by writing that 'migrant labourers are suffering due to Modi's brutal lockdown'. And inside the edition, they mentioned that Muslims of the country are suffering again as Tablighi Jamaat is now being blamed for COVID-19 spread in India. But then, why did Modi's lockdown decision, which is being praised even by WHO, is not even remotely looking positive for these British media folks?

Breathing fire on this biased reporting, Indians on the internet are trolling the newspaper badly. They have mentioned that the response of millions of people on Sunday night by lighting up lamps from their balconies is the answer to these foreign media folks about how people are loving Modi's decision.

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