Here's How Nimmagadda saved AP

Here's How Nimmagadda  saved AP

We have been seeing how several nations in the world are facing high mortality rate due to outbreak of COVID-19. In last few weeks, the deaths caused due to Corona Virus spiked massively in many countries.

Alerted with high number of positive cases in US, Spain and Italy, PM Narendra Modi announced a nationwide lockdown for 21 days. Despite all precautions, a religious congregation in New Delhi has become the super spreader of Corona in all states.

But, Andhra Pradesh would have been in a bigger trouble and the state would have become a hot spot of Corona Virus.

All thanks to AP election commissioner Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar and his foresight for delaying the local body polls. Had he not postponed the elections, the situation would've been worsened in the state. We cannot think of bad crisis that AP would have faced with the statewide electioneering, door-to-door campaign, exchange of money, liquor and polling queues on election day.

Initially, it was only just 10-15 cases and all of them had travel history to foreign countries. But, the cases began to grow from 29 March after Taglibhi Jamaat issue unearthed. Only after that, people got to know about importance of EC Ramesh's decision.

Starting from CM Jagan Mohan Reddy to cabinet ministers including the speaker of legislative assembly have went on to trash State Election Commissioner harshly and involved caste too. They all have blamed N Chandrababu Naidu and attributed the EC's decision to TDP chief.

While AP has reported a total of 252 cases in total, more than 220 out of them have either attended Delhi meeting or their direct contacts. If polls were conducted as per schedule, nobody would estimated the damage and AP would have suffered dangerous stage-3 by now. What if polls were held- certainly, the state might have braced to become another Italy or Spain with uncontrollable deaths.

YCP leaders have blamed Ramesh that he took this decision to save Chandrababu and TDP from colossal loss. In fact, with his foresighted decision, Nimmagadda Ramesh has saved entire Andhra Pradesh from becoming another epicenter of pandemic.