Corona cases: 3500 In India, Huge Rise in AP & Telangana

Corona cases: 3500 In India, Huge Rise in AP & Telangana

With 13 patients dying today in Maharastra due to coronavirus, the number in India rose to 3600 mark. In fact, more than 500 novel coronavirus cases have been reported all over the nation in the past 24 hours.

After a surge linked to a controversial religious gathering in Delhi, the number kept alleviating rapidly, leaving everyone in worry. More than 1,000 people who attended the religious held by Islamic group Tablighi Jamaat in Delhi last month have tested positive.

As we see tonight, Indians have joined and expressed their solidarity by turning off lights "at 9 pm for nine minutes" in the fight against "darkness of coronavirus pandemic", as appealed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

In Telangana, the cases which have slowed out a few days back are again rising sharply and today, the total has been 330 plus. In Nalgonda, we have witnessed 16 positive cases and the total number of deaths in Telangana is 11.

In spite of decent lockdown procedure, the state is facing crisis with growing numbers. Hence, the government has procured 5 lakh N-95 masks, 5 lakh viral transmission kits, 500 ventilators, 4 lakh coronavirus testing kits, 20 lakh surgical masks and 25 lakh hand gloves.

The highly infected areas in the state are Hyderabad(149), Warangal(21), Kamareddy(10), Medchal(12) and Nalgonda(16). Today, the capital of the state, Hyderabad city witnessed the horrifying increase of numbers, ie., 64 in a single day.

In Andhra Pradesh, the current number of Corona cases are 260 after 26 cases were found today in Kurnool. With the unexpected rise, chief minister Jagan ordered to open testing labs and isolation wards in each district. The two north coastal Andhra districts of Srikakulam and Vizianagaram are the only two districts to stay unaffected. In Nellore , they have reported 34 positive cases and in Guntur with 30 cases.

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