Reddy's 4 Tweets : How He Targets Chandrababu

Reddy's 4 Tweets : How He Targets Chandrababu

The novel Coronavirus may have halted everything in India, but political attacks on opponents didn't stop. Telugu Desam Party vs YSRCP battle has seen all kind of slamming, bashing, criticising and more. When it comes to the YSR Congress, their Rajya Sabha member Vijay Sai Reddy leads the campaign against TDP and opposition parties.

While governments are busy in handling the outbreak of COVID-19, the party senior has went on attack AP opposition leader in his own style. In a series of tweets, Vijay Sai Reddy passed some harsh comments on Chandrababu, Nara Lokesh, TDP and their media. Take a look at four tweets that was shot by Reddy on Saturday:

"If Corona had arrived a year ago, Babu as CM would have ran around all quarantine centres along with his yellow media. We'd have seen him come down on doctors and neighbouring states would have cried for not having a CM like him- and all those actions are indescribable"

"The govt would've purchased thousand ventilators with the money he spent on bills paid to a star hotel in Hyderabad, a special caravan bus of Rs 10 Cr and on Himalaya Water. Now, there is no availability to purchase immediately. How can a person who misused public money and left the state in crisis is a visionary."

Referring to Babu and Lokesh, Vijay Sai Reddy tweeted "If both father and son are feeling symptoms of Corona Virus, they can come and get tested. CM Jagan had recently set up 3 more test centres in the state. Also, we have increased quarantine facilities and there is no need to offer silly suggestions to test everyone. Medical professionals know who needs testing."

"If the total cost of Rs 4000 Cr spent on Dharma Porata Deeksha & Nava Nirmana Deeksha were utilized for people, every district in AP would have got an advanced hospital with 1000-beds. He wasted thousands of Crores for his own publicity and now attempting to offer free suggestions."