Corona: 'Take Rs 1000 Relief & Vote for YCP'

Corona: 'Take Rs 1000 Relief & Vote for YCP'

Coronavirus pandemic has overpowered many strong economies and barricaded the revenue flow in the world and India is not an exception. Apart from asking for donations, out Central government has issued funds to help the poor who have been suffering from unemployment due to the COVID-19 crisis.

This scheme gives away Rs 1000 per family with a white ration card across the country. Many videos surfaced on the internet, where the people belonging to the contestants of the local body elections, distribute the central government's scheme money to the people and were seen asking to vote for YSRC in the elections, as if they are giving away the money in a state government implemented scheme and from State government's fund.

The furious recipients confronted them asking why the volunteers are not into these activities and instead, why these contesting candidates are involved and are asking for votes. One of the persons distributing money claims the scheme as state government's and got into argument with the locals at Rayadurgam 29th ward, of Anantapur district in AP.

With the leaders and representatives from the ruling party are trying to capitalize on the central government's scheme to grab votes, the leaders from the opposition are planning to file a petition in court, demanding the suspension of government officials responsible for this.

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