#LightForIndia: Be careful with sanitizers tonight

#LightForIndia: Be careful with sanitizers tonight

Today, on 5 April, it is the responsibility of every Indian citizen to follow our beloved Prime Minister Narendra Modi's appeal on switching of all the lights and lit natural diyas, candles or switching on the mobile flashlights at 9 PM for 9 long minutes. The motive behind this is to put an end to the darkness of the dangerous coronavirus and to express solidarity in fighting the disease.

As soon as the PM made a giant appeal, many health experts, authorities including Public broadcasting agency Prasar Bharathi advised the citizens to refrain from using alcohol-based sanitisers while lighting diyas today. As we know, alcohol-based products are inflammable as they have ethyl alcohol content which evaporates at room temperature into an ignitable vapour and since all of us are using sanitizers 24/7 in this pandemic, one must remember this paramount point tonight.

Prashar Varati said on twitter, "Citizens advised not to use alcohol-based sanitizers while lighting diyas and candles tomorrow at 9 PM as it is inflammable". Many instances were seen when people used alcohol-based cosmetics products on their hands and burning their skin. To avoid further damage to people in this vulnerable situation, it is important to spread the message. Currently, India is witnessing more than 3200 COVID-19 positive cases and the death toll rose to 68.

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