COVID-19: Modi's Extensive Discussion With Trump

COVID-19: Modi's Extensive Discussion With Trump

The United States of America is holding tight in the global crisis time, as the country is now with the highest number of cases in the world. India as well is recording the growing number of coronavirus cases every day with the number reaching more than 3600 today with 99 deaths.

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi reveals about having an extensive telephonic conversation with the US president, in which they discussed and agreed on deploying the full strength of the India-US partnership to fight the pandemic COVID-19. The US President and Indian Prime Minister also had discussed on well-being and economy, along with keeping up the physical and mental health in difficult times like these with practices like yoga and Ayurveda.

The officials of the respective government will be in touch regarding the measures and policies implemented to fight the coronavirus epidemic.

PM Narendra Modi also conveyed his condolences for the loss of lives in the US. The US already had 300,000 cases in the country with more than 8000 deaths and 14,655 recoveries. Donald Trump extended the social distancing through April and many states have been implementing the same for three weeks. The total US population is nearly 327,200,000 and almost .09 percent of people are infected with coronavirus now.

PM Modi also had a separate telephonic conversation with Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez Perez Castejon and Brazilian President Jai Bolsonaro amid the alarming rise of coronavirus cases worldwide.

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