Coronavirus: 3573 Positive Cases, 99 Deaths In India

Coronavirus: 3573 Positive Cases, 99 Deaths In India

The Tablighi Jamaat linked coronavirus cases from 17 states and union territories have almost been traced and tested, giving relief to already worrying people in the country. With 525 fresh cases recorded in the last 24 hours, India also has seen 13 people die due to coronavirus yesterday.

The total number of coronavirus cases in India reached 3072 and 75 deaths as per the official record from the government, among which 2784 cases are active and 213 recovered. The number of cases as per several local reports from different states appears to have surpassed 3573 and 99 deaths so far.

Almost 30 percent of all coronavirus cases in India is linked to the Muslim congregation Tablighi Jamaat last month. Maharashtra recorded 145 new cases today making a total of 635 cases. Telangana recorded 43 new cases with 272 total number of cases.

India has conducted nearly 80000 tests for the novel coronavirus, but it is by far very less when considered per capita.

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