Heroine Rides On Lockdown Roads, Crashes Car Into Pillar

Heroine Rides On Lockdown Roads, Crashes Car Into Pillar

"I've been cooking, working from home, working out, reading, watching all the films I haven't watched so far and eating healthy. Please stay home and stay safe" is what Kannada beauty Sharmila Mandre posted on her Instagram and re-iterated in her live interaction other day. But on Friday night, she has opposed what she said, and in real life, went for a joyride.

With roads empty due to lockdown, it is being said that heroine Sharmila and her friend Lokesh Vasanth are said to have taken out their luxury Jaguar car. While trying to manoeuvre a curve at the under-bridge of Vasant Nagar, Bangalore, they have crashed the vehicle into a pillar. The incident is said to have happened at 3 AM (Saturday early morning) and the actress immediately reached to nearby Fortis Hospital for first aid. According to Kannada media, after treating their wounds, doctors have sent them home.

Meanwhile, Karnataka traffic police have seized the crashed car and registered cases under Section 337 IPC and 134 (B) of the Motor Vehicle Act. The actress is not available for comment though she used to stay super active on Instagram in the last couple of days.

Sharmila is a popular actress in Kannada circuits, while she appeared alongside Allari Naresh in Kevvu Keka movie in 2013.

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