Coronavirus: Three Indians In Critical Condition In Texas

Coronavirus: Three Indians In Critical Condition In Texas

The spread of coronavirus is the US is at a higher rate now with more than 250,000 infected and al least 6000 people dead by today. The governors of many states have issued lockdowns and social distancing already, the spread could not be slowed as expected.

Three Indians in Houston of Texas tested positive with COVID-19 and the families of them are much worried due to the critical condition of the patients, as they need Plasma donors to save the patients' lives. IT Employee Rohan Baavadekar, Dr. Lavanga Veluswamy, and one other person are said to be in critical condition.

Rohan Bavadekar from Houston tested positive with coronavirus and through him, his wife and kids got infected and are in self-isolation now. Rohan's wife is requesting for the plasma donors, who must be infected-recovered from COVID-19 with both positive-negative tests available.

Another patient Veluswamy's wife is also requesting for A or AB blood group donors for Plasma donation to her husband.

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