SP Wins Back Heart Of Boy, Broken By Khakis Previous Day

SP Wins Back Heart Of Boy, Broken By Khakis Previous Day

Other day when the Telangana police of Wanaparthy state have brutally assaulted a man named Muralikrishna in front of his 12-year-old son, the whole of society got shocked. Despite the fact that the boy pleaded the police to not beat his father, they haven't had a soft heart at all as they felt that anyone who has violated lockdown norms should be punished that way, and even took him into custody.

Understanding that the boy could be forever hating the police department with his psyche having severe impact due to the incident, Wanaparthy Superintendent of police, Apoorva Rao, at the instructions of Telangana Minister KT Rama Rao, has met the boy other day. She explained to him that all the police are not like the constable who behaved brutally with his father, and tried to explain him how the police are working hard in these lockdown times.

Sharing his feelings, the boy Nikrosh stated that he was little apprehensive when he was called to SP office, but gathered the courage to reach there with his uncle and mother. After he explained what happened to his father that day, SP is said to have assured him of action against the policemen who assaulted his father.

While the constable and SI involved with the assault are suspended, KTR thanked Wanaparthy SP for meeting the boy at his behest.

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