Take A Break: Here Is Some Good COVID-19 News Today

Take A Break: Here Is Some Good COVID-19 News Today

There are people in ICUs who have been fighting their lives against the virus and we do not know how many of them would be coming back. There are still a large number of cases being reported every hour all over the world. We do not exactly know when this is going to end. So let us take a break from all the panic and worrisome updates and here is some good news about COVID-19. 

There are more than 200,000 recoveries worldwide from Coronavirus infection. We have reported about the infected and dead, but as a small light we can see at the end of the tunnel, there are a good number of recoveries.

A 104-year-old man in Oregon recovers from coronavirus infection and now he is back home to stay quarantined for more days.

So far, there are 132 countries that did not report any deaths so far, though there were coronavirus positive cases in almost all countries.

The FDA has approved a first antibody test for a COVID-19, that looks for antibodies in the blood, but not in the nose or throat for the virus. A biotechnology company Cellex has brought this in, in which a blood sample will be drawn from the patient's veins nd gives results in 15 to 20 minutes. 

A Pittsburgh lab in the USA reportedly found a breakthrough in making a vaccine against coronavirus, though the human clinical trials are planned to be done in the next three months.

The Government of Australia reportedly announced 6-month child care for free, amid the growing number of coronavirus cases and deaths.

The Indian government reportedly tracked almost all the 9000 attendees from India at Delhi Markaz Muslim congregation that comprises most of the cases in the country reported to date.

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