Viral Video: Telangana Cops Beat A Man In Front Of His 10-year-old Son

Viral Video: Telangana Cops Beat A Man In Front Of His 10-year-old Son

The inevitable lockdown in India is going on successfully and people in Telangana are obeying the rules of staying at home in an impressive manner as well. All of us are striving hard to eradicate the novel virus and the public is seen on the roads only for essential services. Though the visible crowd has drastically reduced on the streets, cops are doing their duty by stopping the public and asking the purpose of coming out. If the answer is inappropriate or of an apathetic reason, police are trying to explain to them the seriousness of the situation.

On the other hand, we have a few policemen who unfortunately don't bother listening to what the public is saying. Yesterday, in a similar situation, a man in Wanapathy came out to a local store along with his 10-year-old son. The father and son were stopped by the cops and questioned. When the man told that they are out for some essential groceries, one of the constables started hitting the man uncontrollably. The video of the same is going viral on the internet and in media channels.

The situation has been receiving a lot of outrage from the public and demanded the suspension of the police who physically assaulted the man. Moreover, beating a father in front of his 10-year-old son is spine-chillingly cruel. We can also see the boy pleading the cop to not beat his father. When interviewed, the man said that the cops have asked for his license and other vehicle papers, followed by demanding him to pay hefty fines.

The victim further revealed that after forcibly pushing him and his son into the patrol vehicle, the cops have even filmed him by manipulating the situation. 'They were kicking me without a reason and as soon as I entered the PS gate, five cops have relentlessly used lathi on me, in front of my son', the man added.

Taking to his Twitter handle, working president of TRS, KTR asked Telangana Home minister Mahmood Ali and TG DGP to take strict action on the involved policemen. The SP of Wanaparthy district, Apoorva Rao responded to KTR on Twitter saying that they have suspended the on-duty constable for his highly unacceptable behaviours.

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