20% Corona Cases In India Belong To Tablighi Jamaat Meet

20% Corona Cases In India Belong To Tablighi Jamaat Meet

According to official figures, right now India has 1965 Corona Positive cases (Active 1764 cases) registered, while 50 persons are dead among them and 120+ recovered. But among the present cases, nearly 20% of cases are related to the Tablighi Jamaat meet that took place at Nizamuddin Markaz in Delhi.

While 19 people connected to this meet have already expired, the government is pursuing almost 8,000 people who are said to have attended the gathering in the first two weeks of March 2020. While Telangana government identified 746 persons who have attended the meet (87 untraceable), AP has identified 1030 persons, of which 70 and 51 persons respectively have turned positive for Covid-19.

Among the near 1500 delegates, Tamilnadu government identified, half of them are already tested and 190 people turned positive for the deadly virus. Almost 8,000 are traced in India, while 1000+ persons went untraceable after attending the Nizamuddin Markaz. And the current positive cases include foreigners as well as Indians.

Many prominent Muslim leaders are requesting the people who have attended the Markaz meet to come forward voluntarily and get tested for the virus. Otherwise, they might be spreading the infection to families and other persons.

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