Nurse Robbed For Coronavirus Masks At Knifepoint

Nurse Robbed For Coronavirus Masks At Knifepoint

While the incident hasn't happened in India, right now authorities are making sure that lockdown won't create that negative impact on the people such that they don't turn to extreme steps. The biggest question right now is how to ease the depression, anxiety and stress of people as they are confined to homes from last 10 days.

An incident took place in the Heillecourt region of France, where masked assailants have blocked a nurse who is on the way to her hospital, and robbed her at gunpoint. They didn't take money or anything, but only took the fifteen N95 medical mask she is carrying with her. Robbing for essentials like masks in the times of Covid-19 outbreak explains what people are looking into, and how extreme they could turn to save their lives.

And the incident in Hyderabad where a Coronapositive patient attacked doctors at Gandhi hospital after losing his brother, is another example of how this incident could have its psychedelic effects on the people. Perhaps governments should plan things more carefully from now, whether that is giving counselling to corona affected patients and their families, or to common people regarding panic buying.

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