India reports 50 Corona deaths

India reports 50 Corona deaths

50 people have lost their lives because of Corona virus in India. Also the positive cases are increasing every hour all over the country. As of 11 AM, 1965 cases have been confirmed and Maharashtra is leading with 335 cases while Kerala stood second with 265 cases.

In the death chart, Maharashtra is in the first place too with 13. Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh are the next states with six deaths each while Punjab, Karnataka, West Bengal have reported four and three deaths respectively.

Among the 1900 odd cases, 151 people have cured and got discharged from the hospital. In Maharashtra, Kerala and Haryana states, 42, 25 and 21 people have got cured of Corona and subsequently got discharged.

In the view of increasing Corona cases, the Centre has directed all the states to impose the lockdown with utmost seriousness as the next two weeks are going to be very crucial.

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