More Than 330 Cases Linked to Delhi Mosque

More Than 330 Cases Linked to Delhi Mosque

In a rather terrifying update, the coronavirus cases in India took a sudden rise with the majority of them from the visitors at the Delhi mosque religious meeting last month. More than 330, just from the Islamic congregation in Delhi appeared to be linked in total coronavirus cases so far in India.

More than 2100 in India have tested positive with the COVID19 virus by Wednesday and the majority of the tested cases on Wednesday are the attendees at Delhi meet. Among the 330, Tamil Nadu has the highest number of Delhi-linked cases, at least 190. Andhra Pradesh recorded 70, Delhi24, 21 In Telangana, 10 in Andaman, one in Kashmir, 13 in Assam and two in Puducherry.

The state governments have been urging people who returned from the Islamic congregation to visit the hospitals and get tested for coronavirus immediately. More number of cases linked to this meet is expected to turn up each day from now as there were thousands of people at the Delhi meet and even from other countries like Malaysia and Indonesia.

Also, many who have returned from these meetings are said to be unwilling to get tested in many places.

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