Oppositions Did not like 'Salary Cut'

Oppositions Did not like 'Salary Cut'

With Corona lockdown, Telangana CM KCR has announced salary deferment to ministers, public representatives and all the government employees. However this is not welcomed by the oppositions and they have targeted the CM on the financial status of the state.

Congress party official spokesperson Sravan said how can a CM take such decision without having a word with government employees? This shows KCR's dictatorship and also the state of Telangana has been pushed to debts. CLP leader Bhatti Vikramarka questioned the government on calling tenders for Kaleshwaram project. "On one hand government is saying there is an economic slowdown and at the other end, the government has invited tenders for Kaleshwaram worth Rs 22,000 crore," said Bhatti.

BJP leader DK Aruna too took on CM KCR. "If the government itself is cutting the salaries of its employees, what would be the case of private employees? This sets a bad example and CM KCR should immediately take back this decision," said Aruna.  


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