Jagan Is A Vaccine For 'CH'I'NA' Virus: Nani's Absurd Elevation

Jagan Is A Vaccine For 'CH'I'NA' Virus: Nani's Absurd Elevation

YSRC's loud mouth Kodali Nani coined the word 'CH'I'NA' for CHandrababu NAidu to demean the TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu comparing him to the deadly coronavirus that was allegedly born in China. The AP minister says Jagan himself is a vaccine to put down this china virus of AP state. 

While his press meet is about claiming the good deeds of Jagan's government, it went sidetrack to political blame-game many a time as Kodali Nani kept calling Chandrababu as the virus of AP state that went on to hide in Hyderabad now.

Nani went on boasting about how Jagan turned a vaccine against the virus Chandrababu to keep the latter down by plucking its fangs. The kind of elevations work well in commercial films, but not in the real world and they even look awkward here.

Looks like the YSRC leaders are not in a mood to stop the bhajana, no matter what. There are 17 coronavirus positive cases in the state of Andhra Pradesh and the YSRC leaders are now penning these elevation dialogues about CM Jagan, who earlier said that bleaching power and Paracetamol are the remedies against the virus spread.

Speaking the absurd is most common for many of our politicians, but this has been reaching extremes in unwanted scenarios. YSRC ministers have been busy on the duty of praising YS Jagan for his deeds, even during the coronavirus times, that need the awareness spread and measures to avoid spreading the virus.