Pic Talk: The Team Of 'KTR Office' Is Here

Pic Talk: The Team Of 'KTR Office' Is Here

We have already revealed how Telangana IT and Urban Administration minister KT Rama Rao is staying quite active on Twitter and making sure that he helps the need through his "KTR Office" team. And that brings us to the question, who are the people working in this team?

Revealing the same, today KTR has shared a picture of the team that works for him. It consists of people from many quarters, and they are said to have experience in governance, finance, healthcare, tech support and other departments. That's the reason they could co-ordinate with anyone whether it is regarding stranded migrants or people struck abroad or the ones who are looking for financial help.

Even in the tougher times of Covid-19 outbreak and with lockdown imposed, KTR Office team is still working day and night to make sure that they help all the SOS calls that come their way. Surely the team deserves a pat on their back along with KTR.

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