Dial 100 Gets 6,41,455 Calls In Three Days

Dial 100 Gets 6,41,455 Calls In Three Days

With the whole of Hyderabad going lockdown and police giving very strict warnings for people who are coming onto roads, many are now calling Dial 100 for their needs and requirements. And the volume of calls that this number has received in the last three days is a shocker of sorts.

With police asking people to Dial 100 for help, from March 26th to 29th, the number has received 6,41,455 calls. Imagine how they call centre folks would have felt to receive these 6 lakhs calls. And most of the callers have dialed the number to inform the police that social distancing is not being observed at certain places. And police are said to be reaching the said spots in 6-8 minutes, to disrupt the crowds and initiate social distancing.

"Remaining at home is the only remedy we have. We police can be the agents of societal change, but cannot alone make it happen" says Hyderabad DGP, responding on the number of calls they have received.

Also, the callers have complained of various other things including transport issues, closure of shops way before time, hiked prices of essentials, police stopping employees of emergency services and else.

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