Huge Jump In Alcohol Addiction Cases

Huge Jump In Alcohol Addiction Cases

From March 23rd, all the wine stores and toddy shops across Telangana have been shut. Due to this people who got addicted to alcohol are facing problems and this is leading to mental illness. As a result people are getting sick and getting admitted in hospital.

In the Institute of Mental Health, Erragadda, cases are reporting in large number. On Monday nearly  100 cases have been reported. The doctors of the institute said when people stop consuming alcohol and toddy after years of addiction, they suffer a lot of physical and mental health issues.

Anxiety, headaches, vomiting, hallucination, confusion, hypertension and sweating are some of the symptoms that occur in a person post 24 hours after the people stop consuming alcohol and toddy. The doctors are treating depending upon the patient's condition.

With the lockdown to be put in place till April 14th, the doctors of Erragadda hospital fear that more cases may be reporting in the coming days.

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