Coronavirus: KCR announces 10 - 75% Salary Cut

Coronavirus: KCR announces 10 - 75% Salary Cut

The Corona virus has hit the economy like anything. The state of Telangana which is one of the fast growing states in the country, is also under the same influence. With transport and major businesses being shut for the past two weeks, the state's treasury has witness quite low inflow of resources. This has made it difficult for the state to pay salaries of the government employees.

In order to compensate this, the Telangana government has cut the salaries of CM, ministers, MLAs, MLCs, IAS, IPS officers and others. As per the statement released by the government, CM, cabinet ministers, MLCs, MLAs, State Corporation Chairpersons, & local bodies representatives are cut by 75 percent. IAS, IPS, IFS and other such central services officers salaries are cut by 60 percent.

For all other categories of employees, there will be a 50% salary cut and for Class-IV, outsourcing & contract employees, there will be a 10% salary cut. These orders are also applicable to all the retired employees and their cut depends upon the designation they retired.

Telangana is the first state to declare a salary cut and many states have flow the same practice as the revenue is dipping with each day passing. April month would also witness similar situation with lockdown being implemented till 14th of the month.


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