TV Actress Turns Real Nurse For Covid-19 Patients

TV Actress Turns Real Nurse For Covid-19 Patients

It has been a week already that nurse Shika Malhotra started working at the isolation ward of Hindu Hruday Samrat Balasaheb Thackerey Trauma Centre in Mumbai's Jogeshwari area. But before that, she is actually an actress who has a TV serial running and her latest indie film released on March 7th. Well, let's have a look at the case.

Actress Shika might not be having quite a following on social media, but she is a multi-talented woman who gives live dance shows, sings songs and then acts in various projects. She has acted in short roles in various serials and the film, Shahrukh Khan's Fan as well. But then, she happens to be a B.Sc Nursing student, and a registered nurse as well.

Responding to Modi's call where they asked for all former doctors, healthcare workers and other people belonging to the medical field to re-join at hospitals immediately, Shika is said to have applied to 4-5 hospitals and finally landed as a volunteer nurse at the above said hospital.

With Maharashtra having the second highest number of corona positive cases in India as the state stands at 220 +ve cases while Kerala has 234 +ve cases (as of March 30), surely volunteers like Shikha will be of great help for the society.

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