227 In One Day, Biggest Jump In Cases In India

227 In One Day, Biggest Jump In Cases In India

With a sudden and sharp jump in the number of coronavirus cases, India recorded 227 positive cases in one day, Monday. The total number of cases went up to 1251, as per the official reports, while 102 recovered and 32 died so far.

Delhi has seen more than 25 new cases making its total to 97 on Monday and Telangana had to see six deaths in one day and most of them are said to be the attendees of Nizamuddin prayer meet on 13 of this month.

As to control the widespread, the government may want to extend the lockdown for more days after the 21 days announced lockdown. Earlier today, the government ruled out the rumors on extending the lockdown period, but the rise in positive cases each day may force the lockdown extension for weeks coming.

The migrant workers are asked to stay where they are and the respective governments have been assuring their shelter and food for all the day they stay in any state. Delhi UP border at Gautam Buddha Nagar district locked was locked yesterday. Special buses will take them, migrant workers, from Delhi to UP and Bihar.

The situation in Goa is going beyond control as the residents in the state had to come out after they ran out os supplies and lockdown is set to be enforced by paramilitary troops as police have been facing accusations on using their power to injure public.

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