Corona: Be Alert! 6 dead in Telangana

Corona: Be Alert! 6 dead in Telangana

On March 10th, a Muslim religious gathering opposite the Nizamuddin Markaz Mosque in Delhi had visitors from countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Kyrgyzstan for a prayer meeting organised by Tableeghi Jamaat. Later the same area hosted prayer meets for the next couple of days.

While the Indonesians who are tested positive for Covid-19 in Telangana, are from the same gathering, it looks like the deadly coronavirus has spread to others from there. A while ago, the Telangana government confirmed that those people from the state who attended that prayer met post high risk of testing positive for Covid-19. Already six people who went to that prayer are dead, including two at Gandhi Hospital, one each at Global and Apollo hospitals, one at Gadvel and another one at Nizamabad hospitals.

While people close to these positive-tested and dead persons are identified and quarantined at government facilities, Telangana government now asked all other from Telangana who attended the prayer meets from March 13-15 at Delhi Markaz mosque, to visit government hospital for Covid-19 testing immediately.

Even in Delhi, most of the positive cases are from Nizamuddin area only and already this whole place is locked down, restricting all the movements. Other day police started testing people in batches, and after testing 200 persons they found 7 positive cases. It's being said that nearly 1000 people have come in contact with foreign Covid-19 carriers on those days.

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