Disgraceful: Disinfectant sprayed on migrant workers

Disgraceful: Disinfectant sprayed on migrant workers

Migrant workers from the whole country have went jobless due to Corona virus lockdown. With no buses and any kind of transport, people are reaching their native places by foot. Scenes of people walking on the roads are being seen from the last few days. However a disgraceful incident took place in migrant workers in Uttar Pradesh.

Migrant workers who reached Bareilly bare foot were stopped by the Bareilly administration. All of them were made to sit in one place and then disinfectant was sprayed on them. This is the most shameful incident and video of this is being widely spread in the social media.

Union health ministry secretary reacted on this and added that it should not have happened. Bareilly District Magistrate has clarified that some employees took an overzealous step due to ignorance. Required action has been taken against those employees said Lav Aggarwal, Joint Secretary, Union Health Ministry.

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